The Changing world of the Media

Everybody have a television at home. A minority listen to the radio. You have the choice of many radio stations, public or private. These stations give people a lot of different programs to choose, when years ago you had only 2 to choose. There are news, entertainment, music, and very interesting mix of all.

Most of people chooses watch television and don’t listen to the radio. Now you have the choice of listen to the radio or play your compact discs or tapes at home (these played for an hour approximately at a time).

Morning newspapers don’t exist anymore, but some read one of the many dailies we have today. There are not public papers, they are all privates. We have national, local, andncounty newspapers. They have about 50 to 70 pages, depending the day of the week.

Most of the contents are still news, but the features are many too.  There are also weekly papers.  In 1945 didn’t exist papers with photographs and just a few had illustrations. But now they all have photos and illustrations in colour.  There are too  lots of supplements for women, technology, health, children,  politics, economy and all actual interests. More. Years ago you went to the cinema regularly, but now,  most of people goes more frequently, specially young people. Hollywood products are still dominating, but foreign films have their own market, and some people prefers them. 

There is not a direct censure now. But big producers, the prouction services in Madrid censure what is not very commercial, and that is a way to censure.  Topless girls are not taboo these days and nudes are a common thing, in movies, magazines, and television commercials.

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